​​Looking for a Team Building experience - Then ask us for our "Bingo Bowl sheets". Perfect for each team/lane to work together to try and get what is exactly in each square. They will laugh and joke, and have a ball. You can set a time for completion, around 20/30 mins, and give out prizes for: a) Perfect Card, b) Most Honest c) Needs help, however you want to do it, it's your party. Just remember that with "Bingo bowl", there is no need for scoring just check off the squares, it's easy and it's a real crowd pleaser.

Want to bowl traditionally no problem, we'll set you up in a matter of mins, and get you scoring. We have “Easy Peasy” Scoring that anyone can do…. Don't forget we are always, updating our look, but we never lose our very unique retro vibe. 

Tell Us the Company’s Name – so we feature it on our 6 foot bowling pin… (bring your camera or smartphone for a group photo taken by staff)

Music:  Our music library has everything to get your crowd going.  We offer a mixture of: 50/60, 70’s, 80's, 90’s - Disco, Current Pop Music, Dance music & Rock & Roll ~ Sorry ~ We do not allow outside music to be brought in. 

                   Giving out Prizes for your Group – We offer Gift Certificates… 
Heineken, Moosehead, Corona, Stella, Keith's, Bud, Steam Whistle, Mill Street Organic, Coor's Light, Canadian, Stella, Beau’s Lug Tread & Strongbow, Rye, Rum, Gin, Scotch or Vodka, Kailua, Bailey's, Jack Daniels & Jägermeister

​Check out our Fabulous Bar:

Mixed Drinks – Caesars, Black Russians, SX on the Beach. Long Island Ice Tea (etc)

Non Alcoholic Drinks: Retro Glass Bottle Pop in our Coke Fridge, along with Keurig Coffee: Tim Horton’s, Maxwell House, Van Houtte, Hot Chocolate, Can Pop and Virgin Mix drinks and Non Alcoholic BEER

****Please Note that No Outside Foods our Liquids of any kind are permitted to be brought in with you***

Take your event over the top with something from our Menu… Made Fresh to order (prices based on size of group): 


Menu Items (No Advance notice Standard Snack Bar items):
Pizza (by the slice of whole pizza) ~ Pepperoni, Cheese, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Veggie or Deluxe
Wings ~ Plain, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Suicide, Hot
Sliders ~ Individual or Platter size available 
Hotdogs ~ Individual or Combo                                                                  
Big Bags of Chips - ie Ruffles, Lays, Doritos, Party Mix or Cheetos                            
Chocolate Bars, Candies and Ring Pops  

Menu Items require a min 2 day advance notice before your event:
Sandy’s Home Made Meat Balls                                   Veggie Platter
Spinach Dip & Pumpernickel Bread                             Fruit Platter
Cheese Platter (with Fruit & or Crackers)                   Brochette 
Salad’s – Caesar Salad, Garden or Greek                      Dessert Tray - Can also be a Combo with Fruit



Entire PLACE - for 2 HRS (Min of 30) approx ($20 per person) base price
$600+ hst  (DAYTIME slots are Also Avail.)


Corporate Parties - We are Open & Happy to take your Reservation

Give us a call & we will get you RESERVED ~ ~416-463-3000                                        

Min 2 Days Notice for Platters - Groups of 25+

3 HRS is available on Thursday or Sunday Evenings (Whole Place Bookings)... Not Avail on Weekends (Min of 30) approx ($30 per person) base price or $900+ hst  

(DAYTIME slots are Also Avail.)

*** Shoe Rental is $5 per person... this is Cash Upon Arrival - with a Cash Bar

We are the "Corporate Specialist"… We've been doing it for years, we will make your corporate gathering memorable. Once you step inside our doors you will immediately feel you have made the right choice, for your event. Our unique look and atmosphere sets us apart, from any other bowling centre.

2 hour Time Slots for Whole Place Bookings are: 
Noon onward - 2pm to 4pm or 4:30 pm to 6:30pm
7pm to 9pm
9:30pm to 11:30pm

3 Hour Time slots are Evenings - Not Available for Weekend Bookings:
7pm to 10pm(Sunday nights only)
6pm to 9pm or 8pm to 11pm (Thursday nights only)

We have day time slots available - Starting at 12noon 

1554 Danforth Ave

Toronto, Ontario M4J 1N4



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​Call 416-463-3000 or email  bowlinglady@sympatico.ca

Big Or Small, You'll have a Ball

**** Shoe Rental is $5 per person... 2 hour Whole Place bookings are for Groups of 30 to 40 max people **** 

Request Availability  Form

416-463-3000 - Deposit Required

This is an Inquiry ONLY Site to Reserve a time you need to CALL us - 416-463-3000

  • Groups of less then 20 - book by the lane with a max of 4 to 6 people per Lane - Example: 8 people - Is a 2 Lane Group - 4 per lane