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Pumpernickel & Spinach Dip

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Pumpernickel & Spinach Dip

Speciality Cheese Platter

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Above items are "Priced" on size of group and quantity being ordered. 

Some items are seasonal, so the menu can change. Please email or call your "menu item's" to receive the prices available.

Platter items are made fresh to order. (min 2 days required when ordering platters)

No outside food

Big Or Small, You'll have a Ball

Veggie Platter

Fruit & Cheese Platter

​Call 416-463-3000 or email  bowlinglady@sympatico.ca

Fruit Platter

Mini Meat Wraps


Snack bar Items: 

  1. Pizza by the Slice or Small 6 slice Pizza ~ Extra Large 12 Slice 
  2. Hotdogs or Sliders 
  3. Wings (starting at 20 up to 100 wings+) 
  4. Nacho’s & Salsa (Individual Plate – or Platter) 
  5. Big Party size Chips, (Ruffles, Lays, Doritos or Cheetos to very Small bags of chips
  6. Chocolate bars, Candies, Ring Pops & Juice Boxes, Glass Bottle Pop or Cans of pop, Coffee Tea, Hot Chocolate, Juices, Bottled Water etc.  

Healthy Choices: (some items seasonal; and may not be available)

  1. Plate of Sliced Apples – or Individual sliced apple 
  2. Yogurt 
  3. Granola Bar
  4. Cookies 
  5. Cheese Stings
  6. Carrots & Celery Sticks (plate or platter)

Platters & Appetizers for groups of 20 people or more....  

  1. Veggie Platter, Fruit Platter, Brochette – made fresh (platter size)
  2. Spinach Dip & Pumpernickel Bread 
  3. Mini Meat Wraps Platter
  4. Cheese Platter ~ Speciallty Cheese or Regular - or Combo or Fruit & Cheese
  5. Hors D’òeuvres - bite size and excellent for you group
  6. Dessert Platter - Pastries only or Pastries and Fruit

 Min of 2 days Notice on any Platter
Ask about our Combo Platters – ie (Fruit & Cheese)

*** Min of 2 days Notice on Platter Items

Mini Meat Wrap Platter