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Welcome Back:  Please call us an Leave a message on our Answering Machine with the Date & Time you are interested in our we will contact to back to confirm your Booking.   Woot Woot!!!  Having said that we need to do this following all safety procedures and having all Protocols in place, not just Social Distancing with All Facets of Safety in Place.  This is to keep our Valued Customers as well as our Staff safe.   We continue to adhered to all Safety procedures & protocols from Health Canada 

Here is What Danforth Bowl has Done, to keep our Valued Customers Safe:

1) Installed Physical Barriers

2) We now require a Copy of Your Double Vaccination Paperwork along with your ID

3) Masks are required & are Available to all Customers

4) Hand Sanitizer (always has been available & will remain in All Crucial Areas) ie: Arrival Station, Washrooms, Shoe Return Area, Score Tables, Bar/Counter Area

5) Gloves are Available

6) Designated Sanitized Balls to Each Customer/Group for play during their stay.  New Sanitized bowls for each New Customer/Group that is Arriving. 

7) Signage with Staying Covid-19 Save displayed in Multiply Areas

8) Staggered Hours for Extra Deep Cleaning & Sanitation Between Groups, so it is important to ARRIVE on Time and NOT before your scheduled time slot.

9) Disposable Cutlery ~ Plates ~ Beverage Glasses for Customer Safety

10) Staff will be the only people permitted to handle any Food Items

11) Designated Lanes Assignments, when you pre~reserve your group

12) No longer allowing Walk-ins as an added layer of safety

Please note - That we require Proof of Vaccination (2 doses) with matching Government ID before entering our center and that any new or additional changes may be put in place to ensure that All our Valued Customers are safe - We thank you all from the bottom or our hearts for your valued patronage of our Iconic Bowling Centre


What we need from You:   

1) Please Come back & have a BALL, we are ready to Welcome you back with All Safety Procedures & Protocols in Place

2) Customers will be asked for double vaccination proof & matching Government ID & to use hand Sanitizer at Arrival Station

3) List of All Names, Addresses & Phones numbers to be provided before arrival (Tracing)  ~ Info will be Vaulted & Safely Secured  

4) Please do not bring anyone displaying any Flu/Cold/Covid like Symptoms

5) Please ensure that you reserve in advance with us - Walk-ins are allowed with proof of vaccination (if we have space) - thank you

6) Please ensure that each member of your group reads & reviews our COVID-19 info - provided on our Special Events Page - thank you